Why Crocodile Skin Is A Good Material Choice For Making Handbag In Thailand

Thailand has the largest crocodile farming industry in the world and the native ‘Siamensis’ or Siamese crocodile has a supple feel and beautiful tiling, similar in character to the American alligator, Niloticus from south america and saltwater crocodile porosus from Southeast Asia. That is why crocodile skin is a good material choice for making luxury handbags and why Bangkok Bootery source their genuine, CITES-certified crocodile skins mainly from the Kingdom.

Why Crocodile Skin Is A Good Material Choice For Making Handbag In Thailand

The back skin of the crocodile is covered in bones (called osteoderms), we call it hornback skin, so hornback skin and skin on the belly are used. The process of breeding until tanning is a long and tedious one, lasting at least four years. Because of this and its delicate physical nature, crocodile skin is rare and expensive, especially since many species of crocodiles are threatened by illegal poaching.

Our highly-skilled craftsmen use the crocodile belly skin, which is soft, flexible and has a beautiful unique texture to hand craft luxury, outstanding bags for both women and men, available in two types of finish, shiny and matte.

Our women’s genuine crocodile handbags come in a variety of colors – red, green, brown and black – and a range of styles: leather handbag, shoulder, sling, clutch, and document bags.  Our black crocodile skin leather travel bag is very popular with men.

Bangkok Bootery sells all of our crocodile bags on a retail and also wholesale (for re-sellers) basis. Browse our gallery to find which bag type best suits your lifestyle.

Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about our crocodile skin luxury bags, or if you need us to help you select the best style and color for your genuine crocodile leather bag. Otherwise, either drop into one of our fifteen stores in Thailand, or give us a call today on +6681-333-6645 (WhatsApp).

Why Crocodile Skin Is A Good Material Choice For Making Handbag In Thailand


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