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The Less Expensive Exotic Skin For Bags - Python

Python bags come with both a matte and glazed finish. Glazed styles have a distinct shine and feel very smooth to the touch. Matte hides do not have the same shine and are softer to the touch, with scales that slightly protrude. Because of their softness and pliability, matte python skins are the perfect material for python leather bags, python leather shoes, python leather accessories that look great and feel elegant. [read more]

The natural markings of the python are highly distinctive so you can have a truly unique, one-of-a-kind pattern in your new handbag. Whether with an elegant gloss finish or a more casual matte wax finish, whichever color you choose, the sleek scales make python skin great for a bag.

Python skin is ideal for products that flex, such as large handbags. Once the hide has been chromed and re-tanned, it becomes very flexible, and much less likely to develop crease marks when it is bent.

Are you thinking of buying a luxury bag made from an exotic skin – either for a loved one or just to pamper yourself – but your budget is tight?
The less expensive exotic skin for bags is python. Python skin is amazingly pliable, is light in weight, has smooth scaling and comes in a diverse array of styles and in brilliant colors. Like crocodile, but not as costly, its exclusive appearance is instantly recognizable. No two snakes have the same pattern so your genuine python leather bag has unique scales, patterns, and texture.

Natural python hides are available in an extensive range of gorgeous color options which makes it a great leather to use for hand-made bags that will match your wardrobe and will always maintain their luxury appeal. Bags made of genuine python skin from Bangkok Bootery are unique, luxurious, highly exclusive, and long-lasting.



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