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Men, generally, are notoriously hopeless at understanding their womenfolk and, without asking her outright, at buying the surprise gift that their loved one really wants. The traditional choices are jewelry, perfume, or underwear. But not quite so obvious, gained from our 80 years’ experience in the business of designer fashion, here’s Bangkok Bootery wish list of the luxuries we think every woman wants.[read more]Exotic leather 100% hand-crafted and custom-made products: Bags (Handbag, Shoulder Bag, Clutch Bag, Sling Bag, Document Bag, Travel Bag) Shoes (Dress Shoes, Boots, Casual Shoes, Sandals) Belts Dresses (also Jacket and Cap) Matching Accessories (Purse, Bracelet, Card Holder, Key Chain, iPhone Case). Take a look at our Bangkok Bootery on-line shop and you will see that we stock all of the above luxury items. But, with our generations of expertise in exotic leathers, we believe that what the majority of women want most is a genuine crocodile skin handbag or python skin handbag. As a material for the making of bags, crocodile skin is near perfect – supple and soft, yet exceptionally tough. Each crocodile skin has its own individual scale pattern ensuring that every bag produced is one of a kind. It is the most expensive material choice for making luxury handbags. Natural python hides are amazingly pliable, are light in weight, have smooth scaling and come in a diverse array of styles and in brilliant colors. Its exclusive appearance is instantly recognizable. No two snakes have the same pattern so your genuine python leather bag has unique scales, patterns, and texture. Python bags come with both a matte and glazed finish. Glazed styles have a distinct shine and feel very smooth to the touch. Matte hides do not have the same shine and are softer to the touch, with scales that slightly protrude. Because of their softness and pliability, matte python skins are the perfect material for leather bags that look great, feel elegant, and will always maintain their luxury appeal. Choose a genuine crocodile skin handbag or python skin handbag from Bangkok Bootery for your loved one and you will have her undying love and affection! Please contact our friendly staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about python skin for handbags or if you need us to help you select the best style and color for your lady. Alternatively, either drop into one of our fifteen Bangkok Bootery stores in Thailand, or give us a call today on +6681-333-6645 (WhatsApp).[/read]

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If you would like more information about our ready-made genuine exotic leather fashion bags, and our new collection and accessories give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp: +66-813336645, email us [email protected] ,  drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores, or just go to the Bangkok Bootery Website, and place your online order over there.




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