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Mesmerizing shine There could be no more suitable description for “Eel Skin Products” products from the brand. Bangkok Bootery Eel skin products that create and tell stories through a texture that never ends. It’s like a great work of art waiting for people to meet.[read more]

By the eel skin that we selected to convey the work will be brought through a special process of the Bangkok Bootery brand To get products that are premium and imprinted in every product, such as eel leather bags, eel leather belts, eel leather wallets, eel leather shoes and many others.



If you would like more information about our ready-made genuine exotic leather fashion bags, and our new collection and accessories give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp: +66-813336645, email us [email protected] ,  drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores, or just go to the Bangkok Bootery Website, and place your online order over there.




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