How To Take Care Of Your Crocodile Bag!

You have arrived home with your expensive, brand new crocodile skin bag and you cannot wait to show off your prized possession to your friends and family. But wait! Crocodile leather is the priciest and most prestigious of luxury leathers. Knowing how to care for, clean and condition your crocodile leather bag is essential. Here are some tips on how to take care of your crocodile bag from Bangkok Bootery to keep it in perfect condition and preserve its beauty.

How To Take Care Of Your Crocodile Bag!


  1. When not in use, keep it stored in a cool, dry place.
  2. Whilst stored, stuff the bag with newspaper to prevent wrinkling.
  3. Because crocodile skin is a natural leather, do not leave your crocodile handbag exposed to direct sunlight, as the leather will dry out, crack and fade, losing its natural sheen.
  4. Even though crocodiles are waterborne creatures, crocodile leather does not respond well to water. Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the skin to bubble, dry out and crack.
  5. If your crocodile bag gets wet, dry it off with a clean, white cloth. Then let it dry indoors, naturally. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat, such as a radiator or hair dryer.
  6. If your crocodile leather bag gets dirty, follow the cleaning instructions that came with the bag. If those are not available, just use warm water and a clean, uncolored cotton rag.
  7. For stubborn stains, there are crocodile-specific leather cleaners and conditioners available.
  8. Do not use any chemicals or household cleaners on crocodile leather. The glazed finish applied to crocodile leather bags is a thin layer that can be eroded away by such solvents. Once the finish is removed, the leather is more susceptible to drying and cracking.

Actually, these tips apply to the cleaning and care for conventional leathers or other exotic skins.

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How To Take Care Of Your Crocodile Bag!

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  1. Amy Coombs says:

    My suitcases are about 100 yrs old and are in good shape.
    Is there a preservative that I can apply to keep the finish looking good??

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