Custom Made Shoes


There a number of countries around the world, like China, that are known for producing fake products, such as shoes made from faux exotic skin. Some of these fake products have the same look as the original, but there will always be a difference. So it is important that you buy genuine crocodile shoes from established, respected stockists who custom-make their shoes employing the highest quality craftsmanship.

Custom Made Shoes


If you browse the Bangkok Bootery Online Shop for genuine crocodile skin shoes, or go into one of our 25 Bangkok Bootery stores in Thailand, you will see that we stock a great selection of luxury Bespoke Exotic Leather Shoes for men and for women:


  • Dress shoes (high and low heels) for those special occasions and events.
  • Casual shoes and loafers with a different look, for easy walking.
  • Moccasins and sandals for holiday and leisure wear.
  • Boots: many different types of boots such as ankle boots, cowboy boots, and dress boots.
  • Ballerina shoes that will stand out on the dance floor.
  • Golf shoes with a timeless look.

The beauty of hand making a product is in the endless possibilities. All you need to do is say the word, and every leather work can be made tailored, personalized, to suit your every need. We at Bangkok Bootery pride ourselves in our years of excellent crafts that can become specific to you. Let us give you a masterpiece – and single you out from the crowd with its design.

Bangkok Bootery has been in the exotic skin business since 1937. We are well-respected for our exotic skin products, not only in the Thailand market, but also world-wide. You can rest assured that our highly skilled craftsmen fashion all of the above genuine crocodile shoe designs only from premium authentic crocodile leather skin uppers, linings, and soles.


We provide both a Warranty and a CITES certificate for your genuine crocodile skin shoes.


Because we use only carefully selected genuine crocodile leather hides for our products, we are able to custom make crocodile skin shoes for you – shoes that are absolutely one of a kind that will last forever. Just choose your crocodile skin type, your favorite color using our handy color chart, your sole type, and your required finishing details. You can measure your feet size at home with our size reference guide. We will provide you with a quotation and, on acceptance, will handcraft your shoes and deliver them to your given address in around 21 business days.


If you would like more information about our custom-made genuine crocodile skin shoes, give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp: +66-813336645, email us, drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores, or just go to the Bangkok Bootery Website.

Custom Made Shoes


16 thoughts on “Custom Made Shoes

  1. David Hong says:

    I want to have a sandal made with the fabric from my Louis Vuitton bag. There is enough material available. Can you do this and what is the approximate cost for a size 10 US/43 EU? Thank you.

  2. Margi Currey says:

    Hi there, I’m in Bangkok in March & have a pair of shoes I would like copied.
    Can I bring just one shoe for you to make a pair as I have limited luggage space

    • Majid Bahmanpour says:

      Hello Margi Curry,
      Thank you for your interest in Bangkok Bootery.

      Yes, our craftsmen will make a new similar style shoes for you. you can choose the leather types such as crocodile belly, crocodile hornback, python belly, python back, stingray, calf leather. also colors.


      Shop keepers can measure your feet size or you can do it at home with help of BBY video, please refer to the provide blog in below;

      Production time is between 14 to 21 days. Note that you can email us images of your shoes in order to be copied, This way when you are in Thailand in March can collect the ready shoes.

      Email us at ” [email protected]

      Thank you.

  3. Majid Bahmanpour says:

    Thank you for your interest in Bangkok Bootery.
    You can order a custom made shoes online by emailing us via [email protected]
    Production time is 21 days, however you can measure your feet size at home with help of this video by doing this and paying deposit, our team will make the shoes. whenever you visit BKK, we will deliver finished product to your hotel.

  4. Sriwimon says:

    I am looking for a shoe cobler that can make several pair of shoes for me using my own aligator hides (different colors) size 10 mainly loffer and dress shoe styles. What are your best wholesale prices? Thank you.

  5. Sascha says:

    Hello, are you do only leather shoes or can also make sneakers? If not,any recommendations?
    Thank you

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