Are you looking for a fashion accessory that’s rather different, something that combines new-world vibe with old-world quality? Thinking of a crocodile skin purse? Here are 10 good reasons why you should buy a crocodile skin purse in Phuket from Bangkok Bootery.

Crocodile Skin Purse in Phuket

  1. As a material for the making of fashion accessories such as purses, crocodile skin is near-perfect – supple and soft, yet exceptionally tough.


  1. Each crocodile skin has its own individual unique scale pattern ensuring that every purse produced is one of a kind.


  1. Purses made from genuine crocodile skin are visually distinctive and make you stand out from the crowd.


  1. Crocodile skin purses last for ages because they are cut from very tough materials. Despite the material being long lasting, it still remains fashionable for many years.


  1. Bangkok Bootery have been in the exotic skin business for over 80 years and are acknowledged as experts in our field.


  1. Every crocodile skin purse is individually hand-fashioned by our experienced craftsmen.


  1. Even if you make your purchase online from the Bangkok Bootery website, you can be assured that we create products that are sourced from only genuine, CITES-certified crocodile skins purse in Phuket.


  1. Check out our gallery and you will see that you have a wide choice of every color, style and model of crocodile skin purse. Delivery within 7 business days, a little longer if you require a CITES certificate.


  1. You can, if you wish, have your crocodile skin purse custom-made in Phuket to your own design and specifications. Delivery in 21 working days, a little longer if you require a CITES certificate.


  1. Living outside of Thailand or up country? Or simply have no time to go shopping? No problem! Just go to the Bangkok Bootery online shop and make your order.


Please contact our knowledgeable staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about our genuine crocodile skin purses. Give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp:+66-813336645, email us, or drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores.

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  1. Rinny says:

    I am going to Phuket this August. I am looking for croco trolley. Is there any nice croco store at Phuket? Thanks.

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