Which Are The Best Exotic Skins For Bags?

Undoubtedly, nowadays, versatile exotic leather bags and other accessories make a stunning fashion statement. But, with many available distinctive designs and textures to choose from, deciding which is the best exotic skin for your leather bag can be tricky. Here is our handy guide to help you select the exotic skin for your bag from Bangkok Bootery that suits your lifestyle best.

The most popular exotic skins for Exotic skin bags are:

  • Crocodile
  • Python
  • Lizard
  • ostrich

    Which Are The Best Exotic Skins For Bags?

Top-quality Crocodile leather is intrinsically valued as nature’s most beautiful exotic skin for all types of bags. A product made of genuine crocodile is always in style and that is why top fashion brands make crocodile the exotic material of choice for their high-end leather bags.

Less expensive, but still highly authentic, Python is the exotic skin most suitable for a variety of different bags and accessories. Python skin is extremely pliable so is excellent material for making lightweight bags which come in a diverse array of style and colors. Its unique appearance is instantly recognizable and bags made from Python leather will always maintain their luxury appeal.

Lizard skin is the least expensive material that Bangkok Bootery uses for its luxury leather goods. Lizard skin leather has a smooth and elegant texture and, being so flexible, is an extremely versatile exotic skin for bags.

Ostrich leather is distinctive with its pattern of bumps and quill follicles across a smooth area in varying densities. It requires an intricate, specialized and expensive production process making its aesthetic value costly.

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