The Best Exotic Skin For An iPhone Case

The iPhone is undoubtedly a luxury item in its own right, particularly the latest model. But, when you select your new iPhone, the only choice is size and color. With a nice protective case, your iPhone can make a statement about how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. So why not make it something to stand out? Something unique? Like an Exotic skin iPhone case from Bangkok Bootery?

Anti-scratch leather iPhone cases made from tanned exotic leather present a luxurious feel and provide premium protection.

Bangkok Bootery stocks a wide range of iPhone cases, with many designs and luxury categories, all at different value-for-money prices.

The Best Exotic Skin For An iPhone Case


Our best exotic skins for iPhone cases are:

  • Crocodile

Top-quality Crocodile leather is intrinsically valued as the most valuable exotic skin for iPhone cases. A genuine crocodile iPhone case is always fashionable, in style.

  • Python

Less expensive for iPhone cases, Python skin comes in a diverse array of style and colors. A python iPhone case will maintain its life-long luxury appeal.

  • Stingray

Of all exotic leathers, Stingray is often the most popular, being highly durable and water resistant. A stingray iPhone case has a unique supple texture with an attractive shiny pearly appearance.

Please contact our friendly staff at Bangkok Bootery if you would like more information about exotic skins for iPhone protective cases, or if you need us to help you select the best exotic skin for your iPhone case. Alternatively, either drop into one of our 15 stores in Thailand, or give us a call on +6681-333-6645 (Whats app).

Your iPhone is with you virtually all of the time – make sure it looks good with an exotic skin iPhone case from Bangkok Bootery!

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