Python Skin Purse


Looking for the perfect python leather purse? You can stop searching. Here at Bangkok Bootery we stock a wide range exquisite python leather purses in every style, pattern and color you can imagine. You are sure to find the one that suits your lifestyle and personality perfectly.

Python Skin Purse


A genuine python snake leather purse is a product of considerable distinction. Python skin is probably the most sophisticated and exquisite of all the exotic leathers, known for its color variations and for its suppleness. It is ideal for the manufacture of many luxury goods like ladies purses, being eye-catching, never in any danger of seeming dull or unoriginal in looks.


A snake skin purse, created from the belly part of the snake, distinguished by its unique and colorful raised scales, enhances the elegance and refinement of every woman. And, no two are exactly alike.


With proper care python skin accessories increase in beauty and elegance with age and can last a lifetime. You should clean your python leather purse regularly with a dry cloth. Python skin items with scales should not be cleaned with chemical products, a very light dusting in the direction of the scales is sufficient. Keep your python skin purse in a cool place and, when not in use, lightly stuff with tissue in a dust cover or box.


Browse our online exotic skin shop to find which style, type and color of python skin purse you like best. Delivery of stock items can be made worldwide within 7 working days.


If you would prefer a python skin purse custom-made to your own design, contact us at Bangkok Bootery and we will deliver your handcrafted python skin purse made-to-order within 15 business days.


Purses made of genuine python skin from Bangkok Bootery are unique luxury items that are highly exclusive, and long-lasting.

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