How our leather company began!!? It Began in 1937 in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Bootery is the Thai company founded in 1937 by Tiranut Family and have served over million of customers since. Bangkok Bootery is manufacturer and retailer specializing in leather and skins products. In 1970’s was a major turnaround this happens when Mr. Vorasak enters the firms and led the developments.

How our leather company began!!?


Today, Bangkok Bootery is highly passion to serve every customer’s needs, focusing in many segments of luxury leather and skins goods such as footwear, bags, clothes and other accessories. Bangkok Bootery distinguishes itself by integrating tradition and modernity, high quality, creative design and functionality.

Bangkok Bootery is endeavored to develop highest quality products through our extensive research, the use of superior raw materials, and most importantly the experienced handcraftsmanship techniques. We are the masters in understanding what quality and comfort is, therefore, integrating with years of experience, our people are trained to listen to every customer’s need with customization approach.

Hence, our strategy is simple; Bangkok Bootery wants to offer the best products for all customers.

Bangkok Bootery Signature Collection integrate new production techniques with our expertise in leather-making. The particular effect, inspired by the our Mr. Kool, the CEO embossed on the leather and skins to match a unique perception to a precious design, makes this a luxury and a unique piece, which identify signature of a style that is precise and consistent with Bangkok Bootery been doing for the last 80 years.

Every year, new collection introduced up to 50 models of shoes– with the proper materials, styles and colors to match.

Leather Goods Specialist Since 1937

Only the highest standard of leather is used in the creation of a Bangkok Bootery selections and it is one of the reasons why Bangkok Bootery luxury products remain unrivaled in the world of handmade leather goods for both men and women.

How our leather company began!!?

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