Crocodile Skin Wallet

A wallet is the one accessory almost every man has to carry every day, for holding cash, ID cards, credit cards and other personal items. Your wallet says a lot about you—to a client or a date, for example. So, it is worth getting a good one. A crocodile skin wallet from Bangkok Bootery will make a strong statement about your personality.

Credit: Ellemen

Bangkok Bootery uses the belly skin for its popular range of crocodile wallets. The belly skin is taken from the entire underside of the crocodile’s belly, tail and chin. Smooth and flat, this is the most valuable piece of the crocodile’s skin.

Crocodile belly skin is soft, more flexible than crocodile hornback (the part of the skin which runs down the spine of the crocodile), and has a beautiful, unique texture which is most suitable for handcrafting luxury items such as wallets.

Crocodile Skin Wallet

Our crocodile skin wallets are available in two types of textures:

Shiny crocodile skin is particularly glossy, an effect achieved by extensive buffing. It is suitable for that wallet for special occasions when you are dressed your best.

Matte crocodile skin feels softer, less stiff, and is more durable for crocodile skin wallets that you have in your pocket every day.

Browse our exotic skin online shop to find which style, type and color of crocodile skin wallet you like best. Delivery of stock items can be made worldwide within 7 working days.

If you would prefer a crocodile skin wallet custom-made to your own design, contact us at Bangkok Bootery and we will deliver your handcrafted crocodile skin wallet made-to-order within 14 business days.

You can be assured that your crocodile skin product from Bangkok Bootery is genuine as, on request, we provide a CITES certificate (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and warranty. Allow one more days for your order delivery.

Wallets made of genuine crocodile skin from Bangkok Bootery are unique luxury items that are highly exclusive, and long-lasting.


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