Crocodile Skin Sling Bag CERVIN


You need a new bag for that upcoming social function. You could, as you often do, buy the latest clutch or shoulder bag from your favorite fast fashion outlet, and add it to your extensive collection.

But stop! Why not invest instead in something that is going to last the distance. Here at Bangkok Bootery, we recommend the CERVIN Genuine Luxury Crocodile Skin Sling Bag.


Since 1937, we have been making exotic skin bags and accessories that last. Our highly skilled craftsmen have designed and created the CERVIN sling bag, using genuine crocodile leather, which is soft and flexible, and has a beautiful unique texture. The result is a luxury, outstanding, genuine crocodile skin bag that will last for generations.

Crocodile Skin Sling Bag CERVIN



Here are 3 good reasons why you should buy that CERVIN sling bag from Bangkok Bootery, as a wise investment:


  1. You can skimp on the rest of your outfit. Your CERVIN Genuine Luxury Crocodile Skin Sling Bag will dress up almost anything. You could wear a simple outfit, say for example a pair of blue jeans and a white tee shirt, but as soon as you swing a crocodile sling bag over shoulder you transform your look instantly.


  1. It is going to be a family heirloom that your children will one day appreciate.


  1. Save the money you keep spending on the latest trend bags, to buy one investment bag. You will end up wearing your CERVIN sling bag every single day. Break that down the cost to a daily rate over a year. That is much more cost effective than buying new bag after new bag that just gathers dust in a cupboard.


Crocodile Skin Sling Bag CERVIN
The CERVIN sling bag, is suitable for all formal and informal occasions. It comes in a variety of glossy and matte colors, so you can select the color and style to match with your existing crocodile leather belt and dress shoes. The CERVIN is an ideal size (dimensions in cm. L: 22.5  H: 15.5  D: 8), and features three interior compartments in a shiny gold closure, a zipper pocket, and a long crocodile leather strap.

Contact us at Bangkok Bootery to place an order. We can deliver worldwide within 8 working days.


If you would prefer a custom-made CERVIN genuine crocodile skin sling bag, we can handcraft and deliver it to you to arrive within 21 business days, with a CITES Certificate.


Give us a call today on +66[0]8-1333-6645 WhatsApp, email us, drop into one of our 20 Bangkok Bootery stores in Thailand, or just go to the Bangkok Bootery online shop.

Crocodile Skin Sling Bag CERVIN

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