The demand for exotic leather has grown since 1800 when crocodile skin tanning started. More people have over time come to appreciate crocodile skin leather for its unique features. We at Bangok Bootery boast years and years in dealing with exotic crocodile skins. Since 1937 our company has surpassed our competitors’ quality of hides and prices among others.

Why buy crocodile skin from Bangkok Bootery?

Certain features of about our crocodile skins make us your ideal company of choice. They include:

o Durability of skins

Apart from our crocodile skin being genuine crocodile skin, our crocodile skin is known to last a life time. We ensure that our products are well professionally treated and tested hence our crocodile hides last longer and maintains its aesthetics too.

o Finishes

Currently, the crocodile skins for sale come in two outstanding finishes. The matte finish and the shiny finish. We assure you the quality of the product is not compromised as we aim to give it your desired finish. Please follow links provided to get a more information on you desired finish.

o Colors

Bangok Bootery provides you with a variety of crocodile skins in colors that would definitely complement your look. We have a color chart that will help you choose your desired colors.

o Textures

Crocodile skins for sale come in to distinctive attractive textures. The two variations depend on where the hide is harvested. We mainly harvest from ‘the back strap ‘and ‘the crocodile skin belly’. Please follow the links provided in order to see the variations.

o Flexibility of tanned skin –

All our customers recommend our crocodile skin due to its flexibility and pliability when making desired finished goods. The designers use our skins to make bags, dresses, iPhone cases, belts and shoes. There’s no limit to what this product can be used for.

o Out of the ordinary designs

Accessories and finished goods made from our crocodile skins make the user trendy and they are a perfect addition to your look. The skin patterns give you a rugged exotic look that makes you stand out.

o Crocodile skins Sale

We currently have crocodile skins for sale in both retail and wholesale categories. Designers and re-sellers are also welcomed to partner with us. In order to make inquiries or placing orders feel free to Email us; [email protected]. We guarantee you the best crocodile skin in Thailand. We also ship our products to different parts of the world with your desired worldwide shipping company.

Bangkok Bootery, Exotic leather products professional since 1937

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Crocodile skin for sale

Crocodile skin for sale

Crocodile skin for sale

12 thoughts on “Crocodile skin for sale

  1. Marius Comiati says:


    I am searching for a place to buy crocodile skins and I need them to be shipped in Romania. Could you please sent me some more information about what you have available and some prices as well? Also, do you have any sort of quality and authenticity certificate that come with the skins?
    I would appreciate very much if you could send me this information on email.

    Thanks you in advance for your help!
    Best Regards,
    Marius Comiati

    • Majid Bahmanpour says:

      We ship crocodile skin hides in a variety of matte and shiny colors to your address in Romania. All the crocodile skin hides come with CITES certificate which certify that crocodiles are farm-raised and the authority has signed and stamped the document. To know more about CITES certificate read the provided blog;

      Prices are according to size and dimensions of the skin hides, please email us at [email protected] to let you know prices.

      Delivery time is 7 working days for stock skins.

      Thank you.


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