Could Crocodile Leather Be Ideal For An iPhone Case?

How would you like to make your shiny new iPhone even more distinctive and prestigious? A genuine luxury crocodile skin case from Bangkok Bootery is the answer!

Could Crocodile Leather Be Ideal For An iPhone Case?


Crocodile skin is one of the finest and best of exotic skins, being soft yet durable. It is ideal as a material for the making of iPhone cases – supple, yet exceptionally tough, with each case having its own unique scale pattern. The process of breeding and tanning of crocodile skin is a long and tedious one, lasting at least four years. Because of this, and its scarcity and exclusivity, it is an expensive and valuable commodity.

Bangkok Bootery sells a popular range of genuine crocodile skin cases of the highest quality, each fashioned by our highly skilled craftsmen. They are suitable for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X and enhance the look and luxury feel of your iPhone. Browse our gallery to find which crocodile skin best suits your iPhone and use our handy chart to select the color. Delivery of stock items can be made worldwide within 5 working days.

If you would prefer a custom-made crocodile skin iPhone case, incorporating your own unique ideas and designs, contact us at Bangkok Bootery and we will handcraft your iPhone leather case and deliver it to you to arrive within 12 business days. You can be assured that your crocodile iPhone cover from Bangkok Bootery is genuine.

Please also contact us at Bangkok Bootery if you are interested in buying our luxury crocodile skin cases for iPhone either on a retail or wholesale basis.  Give us a call today on +6681-333-6645 (Whats App)

Could Crocodile Leather Be Ideal For An iPhone Case?

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