Snakeskin Shoes

Python, cobra and sea snake are all classified as snakeskin. Typical Snake hides are almost identica;l however, each of them has its own uniqueness. Snakeskin shoes are one of the most popular items on the runway. Snake hides and the smooth scale texture itself never be outdated but timeless instead. Snakeskin shoes can be design into various style. Since it goes very well with every outfit and color, shoes made from this skin types can be both formal and casual.

Light of weight is the advantage. Imagine walking in cow-skin-boots weight 500 grams and carrying genuine leather bags 700 grams of weight around for the whole day at the same time. That would be horrible. Snakeskin and python skin handbags and shoes or boots are the better alternative. Especially, being in the hotter season or region. Since this type of skin are more flexible and softer, you will be incredibly comfortable wearing or using these items.

Bangkok Bootery the Exotic provides Natural python and snakeskin color in an extensive range of color. Select your favorite color for your special items, check out color chart & skin to customize you statemen items.

Summer, the warmer weather is coming. Our sandals are the best option. We provide you with many styles of sandals and shoes for Men and Women. Think about snakeskin sandals and flat shoes for this summer coming summer, checkout your summer shoes from Bangkok Bootery. Visiting our stores and boutiques in Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket. Buy online, customization & personalization is available. International & worldwide shipping provided.


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