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Almost all luxurious and exotic collections of high fashion-designers use Snake skin items as highlights on the runways. Snakeskin items are the must have items for all ladies because snake hides on fashion items delivers the senses of luxurious, elegant and high fashion that can simply goes with every outfits on every occasion.

Bangkok Bootery the Exotic, the legendary of exotic leather product specialist, promises to give you the best iconic snake skin items range from very small accessories such as keychains, cardholders, python skin phone case, cobra skin belt to your special tailor-made statement items like snake leather Jacket and Cobra skin handbags, and sea snake skin clutch bags.

Bangkok Bootery’s genuine Python Belts  guarantee of delivering you the subtle and stylish looks for both ladies and gentlemen collections. Checkout our snakeskin belt from out online store.


snake skin


Snake , Cobra and Python skin Handbags

The variety of snake and pyrthon handbags from Bangkok Bootery the Exotic, we guarantee providing you countless styles of snake hides handbags for you to choose based on your preferences and functions needed. According to our variety in color choices, you can design your own classic python hides handbags, shiny snake skin clutch bag, or metallic cobra leather box bag, etc. Check our color chart in order to order your customized and personalized fashion items here.


Purse made with snake hides printed for women is needed by all ladies because it can go very well with every outfit. The size of the purse itself is not too big, so that the purse can be used as evening bag, clutch bag, or sling bag convertibly. Multi-compartment women purse is the most functional, fashionable and practical since we provide the strap with most of the model. Our highlight and limited colors and collections will be launching every season.


Purse for men, satchel, mini bag for men of duffel bags can be called differently for each brand. However, its main usage is its functionalities. This item is very important for every man. Especially, a man who has to carry many things apart from his keychain and wallet. If you don not want to shove everything into your trousers’ pocket and shirt pocket, this item is a must.    Moreover, every man needed this item during travelling in order to contain personal essentials and belongings. Bangkok Bootery provide you with wide variety of men’s purse.

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