The Top Shoe Stores In Bangkok

Cleverthai has done a good research regarding best shoes stores in Bangkok and listed Bangkok Bootery brand as one of top recommended stores for Thai and Expat shoppers who mind wearing well-known and famous brands.

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How We Chose the Top Shoe Stores

-Store Branding and Design

A top shoe store must be able to catch the attention of prospective shoppers through professional branding and store design.

-Interiors and Lighting

We love a shoe store with cosy interiors, benches where we can sit while trying on shoes or waiting for our ordered pair, and enough mirrors for checking if a shoe suits our style.

-Product Display

Being able to display many shoes in line with the current trends in its window and inside the store is a desirable sign that a shoe store has what customers are looking for.

-Inventory Size

It’s great when a shoe store has more than one pair of a specific size, style, or footwear colour.

-Customer Service

We always look for good pre- and after-sales service.

Bangkok Bootery The Exotic Since 1937

Bangkok Bootery exotic leather goods and accessories brand since 1937 in Thailand is selected as one of the top shoe stores, in exotic leather category, across the kingdom of Thailand. The reason behind why Bangkok Bootery shoes stores are introduced to local thai people, expats and tourists as a high level exotic leather shoes brand with lots of boutiques, stores, and outlets is being well-managed by an expert team who are professional, and up-to-date. Managers of BBY brand since 1937 are very well-known with serving millions of customers across the globe 🌍. All Bangkok Bootery’s stores in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua-Hin, Samui are well-organized with a section for ready-made shoes for men and women. A wide range of shoes style, color and exotic leather types such as crocodile 🐊leather, python 🐍 leather, ostrich leather, stingray leather are provided in every store. Moreover, customers can order online from and receive the purchased shoes at the hotel room where they temporarily stay or their permanent address via express shipping. 

In addition, For those customers who are looking for bespoke shoes in formal, casual, boot style and customizing their own shoes, Bangkok Bootery shop keepers are educated and ready to receive your order in details. By measuring your feet size at the stores, providing color swatch, quoting different prices according to your selection, Bangkok Bootery staff place your order to the BBY head quarter. They inform you that production time is 25 business days and collect your address in Thailand 🇹🇭 to ship the finished shoes to you. 

One more option to order shoes from BBY brand is “BBY online shop”. No matter whether you are in Thailand 🇹🇭 or your home country, by measuring your feet size at home via a helpful video,    made by Bangkok Bootery’s shoes experts, online customers can place a custom-made shoes order. To choose your favorite footwear color, all the exotic leathers supplied by BBY have color swatches arranged by codes and leather sample images, just find it and send its picture to BBY online team via email, [email protected] , along with your feet measurement that you already has written and drawn ✍️ on A4 size paper. 

Enjoy wearing a quality leather shoes 🇹🇭✅🙏


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