Python Skin Jacket For Women

Genuine python skin is one of the most luxurious exotic leathers you could choose for any high fashion garment, such as a python skin jacket for women. It is a beautifully strong and longwearing leather for the mid to lightweight garments like those we custom-make at Bangkok Bootery. It can range in hand-feel from very soft and supple to full bodied and rugged, like a heavy motorcycle leather.

There are two different cuts in python: back cut and belly cut. For most of our python skin jackets for women, we use back cut skins. The scales are carefully arranged to suit the cut of the jacket, and to subtlety follow the curve of the collar.

Python Skin Jacket For Women

Most solid color python skins utilize the back cut, which highlights the larger central scales. Solid color skins are first bleached – removing the natural markings of the skin, before being dyed to a uniform color. Short-tail Python are generally used for solid color finishing, as the markings are not the distinctively beautiful diamond patterns seen on reticulated python. Finishes can vary from highly glazed to quite matte.

Go to the python jackets for women section of our online shop. You will see that you have a very wide range of different models, styles and colors to choose from, all beautifully created by our highly skilled craftsmen.

To make it that extra special, you can order custom alterations on our handmade python skin jackets. Just choose your python skin type, your favorite color (using our handy color chart), your size, and required finishing details. We will provide you with a quotation and, on acceptance, will handcraft your jacket and deliver it to your given address in around 21 business days.

If you would like more information about our python skin jackets for women, give us a call today on tel./whatsapp:+66[0]8-1333-6645, email us, or drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores.

Python Skin Jacket For Women


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