what is voided check for direct deposit

The APA has an Electronic Payments Committee which tries to help educate the payroll industry on ACH and paycards so that employers can stop writing paychecks. We what is a voided check are making progress but I think it is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. A voided check is a valid paper bank check that you render unusable and uncashable.

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How to Set Up Direct Deposit.

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For example, if your company changes payroll processors, it may need to provide everyone’s routing and account numbers to the new processor. All U.S. banks have routing numbers and all deposit accounts have account numbers attached to them.

What to do if you don’t have any checks?

The check can still be used to get the information needed for electronic payments. Direct deposit is a free electronic transfer service you can use to send your paychecks directly to your BECU checking or savings account. Voiding a check makes it unable to be processed or honored by a bank. It provides you with added protection if you need to give someone a check for the purposes of setting up direct deposit or to make a direct payment from your account. Employer’s use a voided check to ensure accuracy when setting up direct deposit. A mistake in either the routing number or the account number can create delays in payment and may lead to other costs.

  • Be certain that you don’t cover the routing or the account numbers, which your employer will use to make sure your paycheck goes to the right account.
  • This is because it is an easy and convenient way for the employer to have access to your bank information without requiring you to make a money transfer.
  • You can provide the routing number to your employer who can check it to confirm that it matches the name of the bank on the statement.
  • Employer’s use a voided check to ensure accuracy when setting up direct deposit.
  • No two accounts at the same bank will have the same account number.

It means that the check can no longer be used after it has been cashed or deposited. Most companies don’t even need an original; a copy of a voided check is good enough. ABA transit numbers appear on standard checks and are used to identify specific U.S. financial institutions. Full BioSuzanne is a researcher, writer, and fact-checker. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from Bridgewater State University and has worked on print content for business owners, national brands, and major publications.

You want a what? What’s a voided check?

This is especially the case when setting up automatic recurring payments. Reach out to your human resources department to ask which alternatives they offer. For example, they might accept a bank letter or a voided preprinted deposit slip as verification of your banking information.

Voiding a check helps ensure others can’t cash or deposit money from your account. Because checks have important bank information on them, it’s important to make sure they’re voided correctly when you don’t want them being used.

How do I set up direct deposit without a voided check?

Nacha leads by example, having done away with collecting voided paper checks both from new team members as well as those who want to change their banking information. Today, Nacha employees do everything through a secure portal which also allows them to access tax forms, paystubs and more. The whole point of the voided check has been to provide payroll departments with account and routing numbers. Many banks now offer digital checks or, as mentioned above, a pre-filled direct deposit authorization form for ACH setup purposes. These can be filled out online and either printed or emailed directly to your payer. You may need to void a blank check for multiple reasons, not just to set up direct deposit for your paycheck. Using a blue or black pen, write “VOID” in large letters across the entire front of the check, making sure not to cover the routing or account numbers.

Can I Deposit a Voided Check?

No. Although you can sometimes deposit a voided check in an ATM, this type of error is likely to be spotted when human tellers review the machine’s deposits. Any erroneously-cleared funds will then be removed from the recipient’s bank account and returned to the original owner. If a voided check clears, customers can file a claim when they receive their statement.

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