Crocodile Skin Shoes For Women


The other day, here at Bangkok Bootery we received a call from a lady asking: “I saw a lovely selection of shoes in the crocodile skin shoes for women section of your Emporium Shopping Mall Store. Can I buy a pair online?”


Our answer: “Yes, of course you can”.

Crocodile Skin Shoes For Women

All you need to do is to browse our online shop to find the crocodile leather shoes for women you saw in our store, select the model and color that best fits your wardrobe and lifestyle, and use our handy guide for measuring your foot size. Delivery of stock items can be made to you within 5 working days, even if you are no longer in Thailand.


Moreover, you can order custom alterations on your handmade crocodile skin shoes. Just choose your crocodile skin type, your favorite color using our handy color chart, your sole type, and your required finishing details. We will provide you with a quotation and, on acceptance, will handcraft your shoes and deliver them to your given address in around 12 business days.


Whether from our standard stock or a custom-made pair of shoes, we can provide both a Warranty and a CITES certificate so that you can avoid any customs questions.


Crocodile skin is supple yet extremely durable and exceptionally tough, with each hide having its own unique scale pattern.  With the proper care, your crocodile skin shoes will last a life time. All of our exotic crocodile skin shoes for women are handmade from the finest top-quality genuine leather uppers, linings, and soles. Your new crocodile skin shoes are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind because of the impossibility of duplication of genuine crocodile skins.


If you would like more information about our crocodile skin shoes for women, give us a call today on tel./WhatsApp:+6681-333-6645, email us, drop into one of our Bangkok Bootery stores, or just go to the Bangkok Bootery online shop.


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