Crocodile Handbags by Bangkok Bootery the Exotic


Crocodile Handbags are commonly known that very costly, elegant, and well-crafted. The preparation of crocodile leather has to be processed delicately. And every step requires proper and special attention to get a perfect leather. There are two different parts used which is belly part and bake part. The scale of belly part is outstanding and unique. Belly leather is the underside which is softer, smoother, sleeker, tender with flat interconnected smooth scale. Another part with the bony hard scales, it is called “Hornback”. The hornback part represents the stylish look. Very popular in making big backpack, suitcase, document bags, even hats or caps. The skin part chosen is depending on individual preferences.


There are three types of color and texture for crocodile leather; matte, gloss shiny, and metallic. Every skin types and texture come with variety of colors. Apart from the even shade of color, there is the Albino-Matte White crocodile Leather. This color is commonly known as “Himalaya Crocodile Leather”. Himalayan Crocodile handbags is one of our highlight collections. The leather needs special time-consuming techniques to become this specific color. This special color called Himalayan because it illustrates the color of Himalayas Mountain which is cloudy white in the middle and brown tanned at the edges.


Hand-crafted crocodile leather handbags by Bangkok Bootery, every handbags and iconic items you dreamed of can be custom designed to your specifications and requirements.Or you can choose your special handbags according to your preferences from our current collections. Vast variety of collections designed and well-made by our specialists. We guarantee that you will be satisfied and delightful with our Crocodile Collections. We provide you the Warrantee Certificate. On the certificate, the unique serial number of each piece of our product sold. You will be ensured that your items are the authentic one.


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