Cobra Products

The classic cobra leather with the creation of a cobra leather bag that is full of luxury and taste in the style of exotic leather goods of the BangkokBootery brand. In the production process, we choose the best cobra leather to use in production and genuine metal parts to increase durability. With the sewing process done by a leather craftsman who has long experience in making bags and a bag shape designed by a professional designer, That will make you fall in love with the shape and functionality that are designed for you. both in terms of use. Or even the icon of the bag that represents timeless fashion.

Sea Snake

The vibrant colors of sea snakeskin go into the brand’s sea snakeskin collection. BangkokBootery with the creation of a unique sea snake skin bag with the brand’s special sewing technique to get a seamless bag. It is also full of craftsmanship from experienced leather craftsmen. You can feel the luxury from the choice of sea snake skin. including the selection of genuine gold-plated metal parts that will make your sea snake skin bag stand out more than ever. There are also tones that have been bleached with a special technique, so we have a wide range of shades for you to choose according to your special needs and occasions.